Mrs. Ursitti's First Grade Class


Weekly Newsletter


Just a reminder that we will celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday and Read Across America next week.  We will focus on reading books from his collection and will not have a weekly reading story/test from our Journeys basal text.  We will have a spelling test, but it will not be kept as a grade - it’s just for fun!  On Monday, students should wear their uniform but add one green accessory.  Refer to the separate flyer that went home for all of the remaining dress up days.  We also have Officer Taylor from the Cape Coral Police Department coming in to read to the class on Thursday.  Please make sure your child brings in their favorite Dr. Seuss book labeled with their name.  It will be a fun week!


Core Knowledge/Social Studies:-  On Monday, we will begin a two week unit on early explorers and settlements.  We will discover why the Spanish and the English wanted to explore and settle in North America.  We’ll discuss the importance of the Jamestown colony, John Smith, Pocahontas, the Pilgrims, and the Puritans.  The students will also work on designing and planning a new colony of their own which will introduce them to the idea of economics.  They will come to realize how people have to make choices because of scarce resources and distinguish between examples of goods and services.  We will conclude the unit by watching the Disney movie Pocahontas so that we can discuss how the original story has been changed over time and how movies are made that sometimes embellish the historical facts. 


From the office:  Spring pictures have now been sent home.  These are an optional purchase and you must pay online or return your payment in the envelope by March 10.  If you are not interested in the photos, please return the entire package.  Thank you! 


Happy birthday to Charlie and Landon who celebrated turning 7 this week!

Have a great weekend!