Mrs. Ursitti's First Grade Class


Weekly Newsletter

In math, we have now covered time to the hour, half hour, quarter hour, and minute.  Please reinforce this at home as much as possible by having your child use your analog clocks to tell time.   Money has also been introduced by identifying each coin and its value.  We are also practicing counting with mixed coins.  Starting next week, we will have a new behavior incentive in class where each student will have their own bank of coins.  Additional coins can be earned for good behavior and coins will have to be paid as a negative consequence.  All students maintaining a certain balance will be rewarded at the end of each week.  Our Chapter 9 Measurement Test will be given on Tuesday. (With regard to time, students are only assessed on time to the hour and half hour). 


Quarter 3 ends on Thursday.  Our AR luncheon for those who have met their quarterly goal will be held on Thursday, March 23.  For the final quarter, I am leaving everyone’s AR goal the same because I realize that many students are now reading chapter books which take longer to finish, and therefore cut down on the amount of tests that can be completed. 


We have a couple of fun class projects taking place.  To go with our Amazing Animals story in reading, the students have been researching a favorite animal on the computer and today we created an animal trading card with the information. They then got the opportunity to trade their card with a friend.  Next week, in conjunction with our Social Studies unit on Early Explorers and Settlers, the students will work in small groups to create a new colony.  They will have to plan the location, the supplies they will need, and the people that will join them.  By the end of the week, they will create a 3D model of their colony. 


Odds and Ends:  Please make sure your child has snack each day; although we have some extra to share, our supply is getting low.  There were seven students on Thursday without snack.  Payment for Spring pictures was due today.  If you have not returned your payment or unwanted photos, please do so on Monday.  Also, we are in need of some pencil sharpening.  If anyone would be willing to do this at home, please let me know! 


Happy Birthday to Brielle who turns 7 on Sunday!

Have a good weekend! Don’t forget to adjust your clocks!